Monday, November 1, 2010

Old Bikes Good for Old Bones?

It's a stretch but the health benefits of motorcycles comes from our friends over at the Kneeslider:
 A daily dose of whole body vibration may help reduce the usual bone density loss that occurs with age, Medical College of Georgia researchers report. Researchers found vibration improved density around the hip joint with a shift toward higher density in the femur, the long bone of the leg, as well. Hip fractures are a major cause of disability and death among the elderly. Well, the study didn't specifically cite motorcycles, but what better whole body vibration machine is there? Combined with previous studies that show lifting weights keeps bones strong among older folks, this could be a nice boost for Harley Davidson, or any big bike for that matter, giving all of us Boomers a great new reason to fire up the big V-Twins for medicinal purposes and ride forever.