Saturday, December 18, 2010

Another Honda Hawk CB400A Sighting!

Hey, That's My Old Bike!
Ever notice that once you buy a new car, suddenly you notice that you see the same cars everywhere? Part of this is perception of your environment. We're more attentive to familiar or significantly novel stimulus. 

That said, I've been seeing the 1978 Honda Hawk CB400 show up everywhere. The latest sighting is in HELL FOR LEATHER! That's like having Johnny call you over on the Tonight Show. (Okay, you youngsters won't get that reference.) It's like making the cover of Rolling Stone. Anyway, it's not featured, but still pretty cool. 

Actually, it's in a photo spread for a Corazzo jacket review. Cool jacket, and something I'd wear. My daughter Grace even says I look like the guy in the picture. Anyway, look at the bike he's standing on -- see that under his right foot -- yup, it is the unmisstakeable profile of the 1978 CB400. Looks just like the Goldfish I had in college.

My guess is it is probably a Hondamatic. After all, it is the only motorcycle in a sea of scoots, so it fits right in!