Friday, January 13, 2012

So I sold my CB400A. I was thinking about getting a new bike. I love my CB400, but would feel better having something more recently minted for long distance rides to Longview and Portland. Also, since I've never owned a manual transmission motorcycle, I really need to learn to ride with a clutch.

I just barely mentioned this on Facebook one day in the Honadamatic owners group and instantly had a buyer. John Paul down in Portland wanted it, so he could let his wife take over his 1979 CB. The Hondamatics are perfect for him because he has a bum left ankle. I've always thought the Hondamatics would be great rides for people recovering from left side injuries since you don't need to clutch and barely need to shift.

I had planned to drive it down in the back of the truck on Sunday, but forgot to get the title out of the safe deposit box. The weather was sunny and so that meant one more ride around the valley and through the covered bridge.

When I told the girls I sold it, they were crestfallen - particularly Grace. I had promised Grace that she would get a ride when she was old enough to rest both feet on the rear pegs. About two weeks ago when I was working on the bike, she climbed on and for the first time she could touch both pegs. We suited her up in Lindsay's helmet in gear and rode up to the Rosburg Store for some candy. She had a blast. Then I gave Lindsay a ride around the valley and through the bridge. The bike is so easy to ride and it purred.

At the church we loaded it up. It was hard to see it go, but the new owner was giddy with excitement when we arrived. He is turning into a collector. "I've determined never to sell them, since they are getting so rare." He had an appointment at his motorcycle shop for a tune up and safety check that day and posted pictures of it in the garage next to his other Hondamatic.

I'll still stay tuned in to the Hondamatic forum. They are great bikes and I continue to promote them. Of course, now the question is, what do I ride next?