Monday, February 27, 2012

El Burro Restoro Update

New bike stand from Boss Power Outlet on Ebay. It's cheap and works great
I just came inside from tucking El Burro in for the night. The temp is supposed to get down in the 20s tonight and it is forecast to be rainy and blowing in the morning. I've been busy before and after work doing little things and surveying everything that needs fixing. I bought a bike stand - cheap and easy - and a mirror on a stick to check the oil sightglass while riding. I also bought a cover -- since my garage is waterproof but just barely and less so during a big storm. I repaired the  neutral switch which stopped the oil leak. The directions here at  Zia Rider  were invaluable.

 Tonight I changed the oil - very easy, but I noticed a few bolts were missing! Just the engine covers, but I bought some new ones to replace the missing parts anyway.  Next up: Tear down, clean up, rust hunting and adding the sissybar. 
Dents I don't mind. Rust needs to go. I'll pull the tank, strip it to the bare metal like I did with the Honda.
Here's the bike stand in action. 

There are bits of rust you can't see in the pictures. The wiring from the handlebars is rust-stained too. 
This bike once had a windshield - the mounting plates are still on either side of the headlight.
The bike stand made the oil change a piece of cake. Need a long-handled allen wrench set to change the oil filter.
Bolts missing from the the side covers.

For as bad as the dents and rust on the bike. The seats are in great condition.
Rust monster.
I wasn't going to do anything to the binnacle until I realized it was plastic and the chrome was peeling on the  right hand side. Maybe I'll sand it down and paint it brushed aluminum or flat black.