Monday, April 8, 2013

Red Paint Going On

Paint is going on. Red and black. Of course some parts are already powder coated black. I used ultra hi-temp paint on the ugly pipes to blacken them up. They look pretty good. I was going to wrap them with pipe wrap, but the stock pipe layout doesn't really lend itself to that. If I upgrade my pipes down the line, I'll probably wrap those -- I hate chrome.

Here's a hint of what we're going to be looking at in the future. Red and black on the headlight and air cleaner, black pipes, red tank. You can see that I did the Key Mod of the Webslinger's website (RIP). I also coated the plastic neck guards in Rustoleum Hammered black to give them texture. The chrome driving lights and signals are coming off and will be replaced with matching red and black theme.

The first layer of red went on the tank today. It looks awful bright in this picture and there is still a lot of work to do.

I also took off the California emission can and ran the overflow hose down empty space where the can was before. I have the AIS holes all plugged.

Before I put the exhaust back on, I should probably pull the back wheel off and lube spine on the drive shaft. If I do that, there's a couple other projects I could also tackle -- the rear brake, painting the spokes, etc. The front end is the same story - new brake pads, clean the caliper and disc, paint the wheel and replace the brake line and fluid. I'm getting tempted to just put it all back together for a quick spring ride.   Oh well, it's only April. If I stay focused, I can still get a lot done before the sun comes out in July.