Wednesday, May 22, 2013

El Burro Reborn! Almost ....

This is getting exciting. Yesterday I got a lot of work done. Got the rear brake on and lubed the splines. Then I reassembled the whole back wheel. Wired up the rear fender and then --- holy Moses! It looks like a motorcycle. 

Actually, it looks more done than it is. Needs the gas tank sanded, plumbed and reattached, then I need to put the exhaust system back on and install the front brake ... Wow, it is looking good! 

I had to stop there and clean the garage - tearing down my temporary paint booth and using the plastic to protect the bike from a leaking roof. It has been raining cats and dogs out there and a slow drip had found the bike - luckily I had the cover on. Now the shop is a lot cleaner and the bike is nice and dry.

The front driving lights are all wired up. I've installed new grips with a boss crampbuster on the throttle. This is the third pair of grips I bought on line. The first two didn't fit. 

The wiring is wrapped with braided wire cover and looks tons better. I've also installed the battery with the quick charger wires tucked under the side cover so no more need to disconnect the battery to trickle charge. I just vented my gas cap -- a needed mod after removing my California emissions canister. 

What else have I done? Oh yeah, painted the engine with a high-temp black! Only snag so far is that my red brake light doesn't come on but I don't think that's a short. It might be something that's not connected. I'll have to dig further.