Monday, November 10, 2014

Sold! Now What?

Yesterday I skipped church and spent the morning puttering around the garage putting spare parts and accessories together. A couple came all the way down from Seattle to buy El Burro.

Shelly was excited about the big red bike. She promised to give it a good home.

 It was sad so see my old friend go.

It is not the end of my motorcycling, but I'm left with a hole in my garage and a fog hangs about the future. What's next?

One of my goals is to get something that is an every day ride. Something I won't hesitate heading to work on even if the weather is a bit damp.

Last winter I didn't tear the bike down and found I rode it quite a bit over the winter. That said, a big carbureted cruiser is not the best all weather machine.

Alas, I shall not speak ill of the so recently sold.

That bike did everything I asked of it. I sorted through a lot of emotions behind those bars.

It was time for something new however, Time to move on. I mistrust nostalgia and am skeptical of sentiment. I could have tottered away until my beard ran long and gray with that bike, but that's not me.

I now have my wandering eye on some younger Italians with fuel injection and anti-lock brakes.

There are new things in the world. Always new places to go.

Adios El Burro,